Sunday, May 15, 2016

#INSPIRATIONAL: Mike Ile Helps A Woman's Pop Corn Business With A New Generator

Mike Ile my very good friend who i see as a great Philanthropist will not cease to amaze and be of great help to mankind as he and his team steps further in his great deeds by supporting Mrs.Ogundipe Folashade Folarin who happens to be a Pop Corn seller. He supported her business with a brand new Genreator to aid her business grow in a new dimension of success.
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Thursday, May 12, 2016


You would agree with me that getting a job these days ain't easy, Many youth must have gotten tired of job hunting. Even if you get one, the next hurdle becomes getting ready for the job interview, trying to anticipate questions that would be asked during the interview, so we've made this post to help all youths out there :)
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

AMAZING! World Amazing Cute Kids Dancing Ballet Dance

kid photos

Kids when trained at a younger age to learn some great work of arts and more always leave the adults across the world amazed as their unique fashion poses are just so amazing. In this post we bring to you some amazing pictures of kids in the ballet dance mood. see more of them below.
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Monday, May 9, 2016


Let me start with the quote "See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.” ~Dalai Lama
Negative thoughts drain you of energy and keep you from being in the present moment. The more you give  in to your negative thoughts, the stronger they become. I like the imagery of a small ball rolling along the ground, and as it rolls, it becomes bigger and faster.
I've put together medically approved 100 exercises, did i just say 100? yes 100 exercises that helps us think positively
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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Top 8 Influences That Will Affect Your Success in 2016

This is a Guest post compiled by +Rexzzy  for Inspire700

Wow, what a privilege for writing her 1st article on and like wow, 700% thumbs up. 
Going through our verbose achieves on what and which of our inspiring post we will publish out to the wonder readers of inspire700, I (Rexzzy Chief Author at Inspirational Library) got a gazed at this inspiring and important post that will skyrocket your productivity before the year 2016 runs out. So today we will be talking on Top 8 Influences that will Affect your Success in 2016.
Yea, that is the motivational write-up I have for you all...

Influences That Will Affect Your Success in 2016

First talking about the word "affect" it is either to a negative or a positive approach. 
So these 8 Influences will either make your 2016 successful plans a reality or just a delusion.

1. Friends:
What, my friends? No what is he saying? My friends are my pride, my joy my all... I know that's all that went through your mind when you get to see that. But I tell you, YOUR FRIEND IS A GREAT INFLUENCE IN YOUR LIFE.
I had this opportunity to have an inspiring talk with a middle age guy, and during our series of discussion, he kept repeating this "My friends, killed me", "my friends, killed me". I was pushed to force the lengthy story from him, and I got to pity him. Dear readers, your friends can either push you the right way or wrong way, they are one of the major influences in life.
If your friends can't drive your nor ignite you for something good in 2016, please end such friendship, or stand your ground to lead them right, don't let your friends affect your 2016 amazing dream by mesmerizing it with their in-competency.

2. Attitude:
Your attitude is a very pleasant fragrance that speaks your name when you aren't around,
if you really want to make alot out from your 2016 by having a successful dream, then you need to work on your attitude. The popular brainyquote will say "A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results" for more about attitude? Read>>> Top 7 Inspiring Attitudes You Shouldn't Do Without

3. Anger:
Anger and pride works together, when someone steps on your pride, you are next to getting angry, this has crumbled and affected alot of dreams negatively, dear reader if you really want to accomplish your 2016 inspiring life dream, why not change your temperament? Why not forgo some certain things, instead of causing a scene with it? Why not just talkless? Please illuminate on those questions and see how greatly you will find yourself saying NO to anger. Remember an angry man destroys his immediate for the next hours and lay a cause on himself, if it passes it to the next day (biblical).

4. Pride:
Same goes with pride, do you want to achieve something in life this year 2016? Do you want to say that your inspiring life stories to the nature unborn? Then suppress your arrogance, kill your pride, ditch your pomposity, effectively manage your ego/pride and you will achieve unpredictable levels of successes. Like I will always say; "We all are going to ask for help someday, just that it’s not today don't mean it can’t be tomorrow! Save your tomorrow today, don’t let pride affect you badly on your headway to success this 2016!-Rexzzy2015"

5. Environment/location:
How can your location change your mind-set or dream? It’s a simple example! Get a bottle of water take it and place it in a fridge, leave it for some time, take it out, what will it be? Yea, saying location influences is still one area so many writers argue about, but with a lot to talk on, I still want to advice you all, if you are in a location and you have found out that it’s not making way for you, and its affecting your success negatively, Dear readers, explore the next geographical space( land ). “Golds are not found on the earth's facial surface”. Dig for your success, get a location that suites you and see how it will impact your 2016 dream for the better.

Top 8 Influences That Will Affect Your Success in 2016

6. Im-patience:
Im-pattttiiinceeeeeeee! Why didn't I write this at the top? Yea I didn't write this at the very 1st tip so as to finish my advice from having location as a serious influencer to dream success. Impatience still can be positive or negative living tip to your successful dream. In our modern life now, many will say, who has patiency helped? I prefer to be impatience, get things immediately no matter how, and it still works for them, other will say, he/she was impatience that's why that dream hasn't been completed.
Dear readers, impatiency is a killer, it kills dreams no matter how they paint it, remember ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY. Just be patient and be active, it will be perfect soon.

7. Money:
Is money a factor to success? Money is a great deal in my 2016 dream, how will I get it? Who will I met? I need money. Yea a lot of us pass through this state of mind when initializing our dream or increasing our productivity for the year.
Money is like a worthy catalyst to any dream actualization reaction, that can either affect your actualization to go slowly or very fast, but lest talk about the START SMALL AND START RIGHT formula, Read here for more >>>> Pay Now And Play Later

8. You Don’t Know What Turns You ON:
What turns you ON can’t turn me ON, what can makes you shout WOW! Can’t even move me. In increasing your productivity for the better in 2016, you really need to start thinking about what turns you on.
So many individuals don’t really know what turn them ON, which is really sad, when I think about it, it hurts. As a young individual you should know the things you do that makes you happy, the things that when you are doing them, you just find yourself doing more than you think about yourself.
What turns you ON is the only serum that will push you up when you are down, when you are less zealous, that will heal you when you are wounded.
These things ranges from having a chit-chat, listening to a music, reading the type of books that targets your goals, having an isolated quite time, taking an hike etc.
One of those has been one of my killing point in living a good life and productive one, I came to an apex point that what can really turn me on is; listening to good music with inspiring punch-lines, and in turns this lyrics give a boost to my soul, I could remember vividly that when writing this article, I was listening to Inspirational Library Top 40 Inspiring Songs for 2015.
Dear readers knowing what turns you on is one of the influences that will affect your success dream significantly for the best.

Lastly Let’s Talk About The Supreme, Whom Is GOD ALMIGHTY
Dear readers there no life without God, there is no productivity that last long without God, You can’t do anything without him, he is supreme, even if all the above eight influences fails you in increasing your productivity this 2016, God can’t fail. He is the beginning and the end, yet he gave you a choice to choice if you will want to live, choose Him.
 Again there’s NO you without him. He loves you, he is the MAJOR influencer to your 2016 success dream. So I urge you all to choose him this day if you haven’t done that , please do and compare the difference.

Inspirational Library wallpaper on Inspire700

Wow, what a lengthy article, what mental and spiritual resources placed on this, as you read this I see your 2016 Success Dream skyrocketing to an higher level, Once again we love you all from Inspirational Library ( Nigeria’s 1st Online Inspirational Library ), thanks much to Inspire700 also.
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Saturday, May 7, 2016

#INSPIRATIONAL: Love Care Community Hosts Inspiring Interview with Their Beneficiaries(WATCH VIDEO)

Love Care Community is a Non-Profit organization that currently focuses on creating a an environment that will breed a new cadre of young and passionate individuals of positive success and global excellence through love driven initiatives.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Inspirational 3D Art Drawings That Will Get You Thinking Deep

3D Arts

The works of arts never ceases to amaze mankind down the lane of history. The great paintings and drawings such as the Mona Lisa and others are getting more friends in the archives of Art history with the new 3D arts that seems to be taking over the sphere of drawing in this modern days. These great images of Animated 3D drawings were shared on facebook by Tintu-Mon. See More Photos below.
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Monday, May 2, 2016

AMAZING! Meet The 5 Year Old Cake Baker Baby Jael (Photos)

how to bake a cake in Nigeria, cake images
When a child is groomed with a sound training in the kitchen, such a child will always marvel the world with the kind of works his/her hands shall make. This is a story of a 5 year old baker named Baby Jael. Her great cake bakes were shared by Mike Ile on Facebook. below is the testimony of Mike Ile about Baby Jael.
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Register and Get Trained: Mastering Social Media Marketing Event Featuring Jenny Chisom and Jide Bamidele This Week

Abuja and Nigeria at large its time to get trained for Digital marketing. Digital marketing is seen as a real strong mountain to cross over in Nigeria today. well it's time to worry less as this event will bring you to the limelight of enjoying the nooks and cranny of Digital marketing with respect to the latest trend in the Media world of our today.
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

3 Things That Makes You Really Ugly

funny puppet image

              I know you really thought of what kind of a thing would really make you ugly in this life even when everyone around you is saying “hey you look beautiful today” . well, that’s not the kind of beauty we are talking about here today. We are after the inner beauty of personality build-up. Your beauty actually is how much respect people give you and also how much of positive impact you add to people’s life. In this post, I will be showing you something about you that makes you really ugly. Read on.
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